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And All Your Dreams Come True

Tonight’s bedtime conversation went like this:

KO: But I’m not sleepy.

Me: I’ll tell you what – if you can lay still with your eyes closed while I count, and you’re awake when I get to 500, you can stay up as late as you like tonight.

KO (face lights up): As late as I like?

Me: Yep.

KO (big grin): And watch movies?

Me: Anything you like.

KO (quite excited): And if I say I want cake, you’ll have to go get it for me?

Me: Sure.

KO: Okay! I’m ready!

He shuts his eyes and lies perfectly still. Sure enough, he’s asleep before my slow monotone counting reaches 150. The thing that amazes me is how excited he gets, even though we’ve had this same conversation dozens of times, and he has never been able to stay awake till 500.

If I’d been able to do this when he was 2, life would have been so much easier then …!

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