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Control is the Enemy

Abbey Ruins

People often think that having control is the same thing as having power. But that’s the exact opposite of what’s true.

If your power is dependent on you having control, you’re pretty fucked. Because the fact is, nobody is in control of anything. Control is an illusion.

So trying to hang onto control is the ultimate disempowering (and impossible) act. The more you try/need to control things, the less power you have.

But if you lay down your need/attempt to control things, you can step into the power to be your best self, to make decisions and live life without fear of the future or the unknown, without fear of unwanted outcomes or unfulfilled needs.

Imagine that.

I’m interested in moving from the abstract concepts, to practical applications. In what ways is control the enemy? What does it looks like when this manifests itself? And how does one practically lay down all attempts (or even desires) to control outcomes? Not an easy task. At all. More on that to follow …

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