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Does your work suck? … Who cares?

This is what I truly believe about art, about talent, brilliance, all that:

It isn’t about what you produce or create. It really isn’t. That’s just a by product. The real art is who you are, what’s happening inside you. And that is the real work of any artist: to be yourself in as true, as loving, as free, as HUGE a way as possible. That is the only thing you need to be concerned about. Who you are. The art will follow.

If you are a phenomenal human being, you will create phenomenal art.

And if you are a miserable, life-sucking, parasitic human being, then who cares if you create great art. You won’t be happy anyway. And all the recognition and praise in the world isn’t going to be enough to fill the emptiness of your poor little soul.

Are you an artist? Then PLEASE STOP obsessing over whether or not your work is any good. First, it’s really boring, and second, it’s really boring. If you don’t stop obsessing you’re going to end up boring yourself and others to an untimely creative death. You need to get your focus off yourself, and onto BEING yourself.

All of the above is obviously a note to myself. After all, that’s the only person I can change 🙂

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