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Fashion Friday: Suzuki Takayuki

NakedFace - LeeSun - Style Post - Suzuki Takayuki 1

Reader meet Suzuki Takayuki 🙂 I love this Suzuki Takayuki dress (07-08 AW Collection).

The dress has two parts to it:

NakedFace - LeeSun - Style Post - Suzuki Takayuki 2

2) The top layer in cream mesh with ribbon bound hem, slightly longer than the underlayer.

You don’t see much of the dress here. And I’m only wearing the underlayer here, beneath a soft cotton navy A&F long V neck cardi, teamed with a soft acrylic H&M loose knit scarf, flock lined tights, and my favourite pair of Dune chunky high heeled boots, made of sheepskin. You’ll be seeing these boots a lot, in style posts to come.

I was lucky to inherit this lovely, whimsical dress from a friend who picked it up in Japan and then decided it didn’t suit her. That reminds me, I should pay it forward and give a gorgeous item from my wardrobe that I don’t wear to someone who will!

NakedFace - LeeSun - Style Post - Suzuki Takayuki 3

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