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KO Tales Cont’d

This morning he wakes up and starts moaning, “Mum … Mum … Mum …” repeatedly.

Me: Where does it hurt?

KO (still moaning): Nowhere. I had a nightmare.

Me: What happened?

KO (in a tearful voice): We were on holiday … You were carrying me … But I wiggled out of your arms … And I was tired … I was sitting on the ground and crying … But you didn’t see me … There was a baby girl … You picked her up … Then I saw a plane and I thought it might go back to Greece so I got on it … But it didn’t go back to holiday!! It just went to where it was going … It went home!!!! … And I saw a little door so I got out … But I couldn’t see you anywhere … And that’s why I’m crying …

Hmmm.  I miss the sun and sea too. But I wonder if this means KO would run away from me if he thought he could get on a plane going back to Greece??

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