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Language, my dear!

I feel torn. Like Natalie Imbruglia.

To swear or not to swear? Do I need to clean up my language? Which is more important to me: self expression and effective communication? Or not potentially alienating others?

What purpose does it serve, to indulge in swearing publicly?

I don’t want to assault unsuspecting people with profane language. Fair enough if you visit NakedFace, knowing you might find curse words scattered about. But can I conscionably do that to those who come here expecting an F word free zone?

So why do I swear?

Sometimes, a well placed f*ck is useful (and enjoyable). Sometimes, no other word has quite the same effect.

I haven’t always been a potty mouth. I used to think swear words served no real purpose. I used to sit on my high horse and judge people who couldn’t put together a sentence without effing and blinding. I probably thought I was adhering to a higher moral code. Or that my clean language demonstrated refinement and intelligence or some other such bullsh*t.

I don’t know. That was quite awhile ago.

But one day I started chafing at all the (perceived) restrictions in my life. I got tired of judging and being judged. I got tired of being told how to look, be, act, and live. And I started swearing. Not all the time. I won’t swear around you if it will cause you distress. And if I don’t know you well enough to know if that’s the case or not, I’ll refrain from swearing until you confirm that you’re okay with it.

So it’s rather inconsistent that I swear on this blog.

Perhaps I’ll have to change that. In the meantime, I’ll turn down the swearing … you can relax … for now …

Lots of love,


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