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Let’s have just fruit.

Lemons in a Glass Bowl in Barbados

KO: Let’s have just fruit. Only fruit.

Me: ?????

KO: Wait here.

[I sit on the sofa and wait. KO trots to the fruit bowl and back, each time depositing a piece of fruit on my lap. Eventually I’ve got 5 pears, 4 apples, and 2 bananas on my lap. He climbs up on the sofa beside me, snuggles up against me, and picks up an apple.]

KO: That’s all the fruit!

Me: Oh. Great.

[We sit there and chomp fruit.]

KO [chomping, gazes at all the fruit in front of us]: That’s a lot of fruit.

Me: Yeah.

KO: Do you think it will be too much for you?

Me: I think when I’m finished this pear, that’ll be enough for me.

KO: If it’s not, you can have a banana.

Me: Thanks.

[More chomping.]

KO: I did this to show you that I love you.

Me: Aw thanks darling!!

[More chomping.]

Me: Thanks for showing me that you love me. This dinner is really yummy.

KO: I know. Fruit is really yummy.


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