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KO was born on 1st April 2008.  I was smitten. And that has often spilled over into my Facebook, in the form of photos and anecdotes.

People often tell me that I should compile these anecdotes in a book for KO to have when he’s grown. These people (well okay, they’re my friends) clearly have no idea how mammoth (read “impossible”) such a task would be for me.  I write 3-and-a-half minute songs, not life-long log books.

But somehow I think I’ll be able to do it here, on NakedFace where I’m choosing to record certain aspects of this crazy journey that I’m on, a place where I can talk about all the things that I feel passionately about … like truth, style, creativity, power, love, understanding … my boy … my desire to be the most loving parent I can possibly be to him. And the fear that so often shadows desire.

I hope these stories of my boy will bring you as much joy, laughter, and sometimes even pangs of poignancy as they’ve brought me.

For your enjoyment, all of my Facebook posts about KO have been archived here, backdated to when they were originally posted on my Facebook. When a photo has been included, it’s been taken from the around the same time as the post … with the exception of the photo on the left, of course. This is quite an old photo of KO. He was just a few months old when it was taken.

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