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LeeSun at Kirkstall Abbey October 2012

I get such pleasure from what I wear. What I wear can make me feel strong, or free, or cheerful. Beautiful, whimsical, or very responsible. Some colours make me feel happier, and others make me feel somber or serious. Let’s not forget sexy and sensual.

The style choices I make as I decide what to wear each day give me a daily opportunity for creativity and joy. And it’s one way that I can really take good care of myself, give a voice to the impulses and feelings within me, in a way that is totally my own.

Anyway, this Hot Topic (STYLE) is fairly self explanatory.  I’ll be posting photos of myself wearing outfits that I particularly enjoy. These posts are about more than just the outfits though. They’re very much about the creative vision behind the photos as well. This is a way that I can be a part of a picture, take on a small acting role, convey something about the things I love and who I am.

Creative self expression through style is something I feel passionately about.  And I’d like to share that, through these photos.

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