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Epta Piges, Path Through Spindly Woods on Rhodes

Whether someone thinks of himself as creative or not, the fact is, it isn’t a choice. He must constantly make decisions that originate from himself and nobody else. Even if those decisions are to do nothing, or to follow routine, or to follow someone else’s orders, they are still his decisions. That is the creative process he is always engaged in, like it or not, this creative process called “life” which marches unstoppably forward, tied to the passage of time.

We all need to find ways in our lives to express our intrinsically creative nature.

I want to explore the creative process. This exploration is going to be gritty, hands on, addressing the real issues of what helps creativity and what hinders it.

Bring. It. On.

And entering into the creative process and spirit of blogging, I’ll do my best to write the way I would if I were journalling, and not as though I were writing an essay. That’ll be a challenge, for sure.

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