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Tonight’s Bedtime Story Collaboration

[8pm tonight]

Me: Bedtime NOW. No more stories. No more time for anything else.

KO: Oh please can we just have one short story? You can make it up.

Me: Fine. Once upon a time there was a magic book.

KO: Can we have a TERRIFYING story?

Me: Sure. The magical thing was, whenever you opened it up, a story came to life and came out of the book. So the terrifying thing was, if the story was about monsters, then you’d open the book, and the monsters would come out and be all around you. Or fire-breathing dragons. Or deep dark woods. Well, one day, a child found the book.

KO: It was a little baby girl. She was crawling, and she found the book.

Me: Right. A little baby girl crawled into a room one day and found the book. So when she opened it, suddenly there were … ummm… loads of bunny rabbits all around her. Because the story was full of bunnies.

KO: Then she fell down a hole.

Me (thinking “Alice in Wonderland??”): Sure, she fell down a hole …

KO (placidly): And she bumped her head. And then she was dead. And then monsters came and ate her skeleton.

Me: Oh. Okay.

End of story. I wonder if I should be concerned?

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