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What We Did Last Weekend

KO assembling stool

KO: I’m recording a video Mama. Me: Really? KO: Really. Me: Great. KO: So … Me: So you want to finish the last one then? The one you were doing before? I think this is just about finished. … Just tightening these last few screws … KO: You can move if you want. Me: I can move if I want? KO: Yeah. Me: What do you mean?

Me: Great, honey. There. Now you can go on it. KO: I’m gonna take a picture of it.

KO's picture of the stool

KO's trial climb

KO (humming to himself): Hmm, hmmm, hmm … Me: Good job KweeOwen. Make sure you get the insides too. KO: What insides? Me: The inside bits of all the … all the wood. KO: The insides?? Me: Like, look in there. Do you see? In there? Like that bit? KO: Oh yeah. Okay Mama. Yeah … let me try and get that … Let me try and get the bottom of that one … Me: Sure. Well you can do the bottom very last. Because you don’t really need to do the bottom so much. KO: No, we don’t. That’s true.

The finished product

24 hours and 2 coats of oil later. The end result!

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